The 2017 Joao Jose 'JOhn' Santos memorial Scholarships RECIPIENTS:
 Sonia Gupta, Nicholas Koury, aMANDA mANDATTA, hANNAH fIELO, jENNA gOEBEL

These exceptional graduates whose lives have been touched by Suicide and/or Mental Illness, are pursuing higher education; have excellent academic records and accomplishments in community service. We congratulate and wish them a wonderful and rewarding college experience!
The following text are excerpts from the essays submitted: ...."Mental Ilness has run in my family
since before I was born. I've learned so much from family members about their struggles, meds,
recovery. They have instilled in me such important values on the importance of acceptance/strength..."

..."My world was rocked when my parents told me they were getting a divorce. I became
 depressed and struggled with my self image. It seemed that my home situation was my fault.
It took four years for me to actually be able to enjoy life again...."

...."When I was in 4th grade I received the heartbreaking news that my sister had died by Suicide.
We had played together the day before. This was the day that I realized the world is not perfect.
 This tragic event changed my life and I find myself working harder toward my goals and never shy
away from trying something new because I now know how short life can be..."

....Everyone faces struggles, but I have found that education can get us through them. My best friend has struggled with depression since eight grade. When I found out about his condition I was confused,angered and refused to believe he was suffering from this terrible illness. His family has moved a few times and is probably what triggered his mental illness. Throughout the years, I have helped my friend with his mental poblems and he has helped me with my physical complications. Weather we are increasing our knowledge
   via educational schooling, internet, physical workouts, learning can always help us overcame obstacles..."

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...."I hope to further learn about biology and psychology.
 I find very interesting how the brain and certain
neurotransmitters causes a person to feel and experience intensive emotions..."
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