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Shaklee Corporation created one of the first biodegreadable, nontoxic green cleaning products in the U.S. 
                                            In 2000 Shaklee became the 1st Company in the World to be Climate Neutral Certified.  
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Antibacterial Products May Do More Harm Than Good
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    Asthma and
Cleaning Products
DO YOU KNOW HOW SAFE YOUR CLEANING PRODUCTS ARE? The Consumer Product Safety Commission has sited regular household cleaners are some of the most dangerous products in the homes.

Health is not just about eating healthy, it's also about the environment around us including the cleaning products in our homes. Common cleaners fumes can be poisons and potentially increase the risk of kids and adults developing asthma, respiratory problems, eye irritation, cancer, disruption of the endocrine system and more....
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Toxic Chemicals are
Linked to Depression
Shaklee Organic Cleaners are 100% safe for  your HEALTH, your PETS, your HOME 
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