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Depression/Bipolar Alliance
Mental Health America 
NAMI NewJersey Chapter
National Institute of Mental Health 
Bring Change to mind
Healthy Minds 
Minds on the Edge 
Portuguese Language Resources
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Mr. Alberto Olarte Bilingual (Spanish)
Clinican at Family Intervention Services
973 . 560 . 1492  /  201 . 919 . 4742
Catholic Charities Diocese of Metuchen
Child/Adult mental health services
908 . 722 .1881
Ms. Debora Beldowicz Bilingual (Portuguese)
Life Coach and Hypno Counselor
Ms. Cara Maksimow
Provides Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Ms. Geraldine Lucignano
Uses Biofeedback to help patients that
suffer from Anxiety and Depression
973 . 822 . 9777
Diet, Nutrition closely linked to Mental Health  Preventing Suicide - resource series
           Internet Mental Health
 US Food and Drug Administratrion 
 Do you know what Mental Health IS?
International Org for Suicide Prevention
Feeling Sad/Sensacao de tristeza 
Coping with Stress/Como Lidar com o Estresse
Suicide and Depression Awareness for Students
31 Books to help you better understand mental illness disorders 
Questions to ask when choosing a mental health care provider and doctor
International Resources
MedLinePlus -- Info on drugs/supplements
Integrative Wellness
EDUCATING for a healthy tomorrow; one person; one family; one community at a time!
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What is Stigma?
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