Throughout my journey, I have had the pleasure of meeting countless of people from all walks of life; many looking for what the organization offers, others eager to volunteer at our educational events, while others want to get involved but just can't, yet.... When are people going to understand that stigma is powerless; stigma creats fear and myths continue to fuel stigma!! WE CANNOT allow it to continue!!!
OUR VISION is to be HOPE and inspire those struggling with mental health challenges; to promote awareness via education and advocacy; breaking the ‘long overdue’ silence that surrounds mental disorders and replacing stigma with education. There is an urgent need for programs and resources to help family members affected with mental disorders and to publicly address emotional health to prevent further suicides.
Special thank you to ALL the wonderful volunteers for helping us to educate families in five counties and in eight communities
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EDUCATING for a healthy tomorrow; one person; one family; one community at a time!
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